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The Customer and Telelavo may terminate this agreement, in addition to the causes that correspond in law, at any time, by sending a communication to the other party, through the contact details provided for this purpose.



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1.- Object

The object of these general conditions are the contracts for the provision by Telelavo to the Customer of the monthly subscription services of Flat Rate and Kilos Rate.


2. – Delivery

If the Customer is absent when the collection of the basket is attempted at his home, and this is not possible, the Customer may deliver the basket to the Workshop on the same day during business hours. If the basket is not delivered on that day, the customer will lose the laundry service for that week, without being entitled to a refund. Similarly, if the customer requests a change in the days of collection and/or delivery, delivery or collection will be postponed to the new day in the first week affected by the change.

The home delivery time is the time slot chosen by the customer in the contract, and Telelavo can pick up the basket at any time within this time slot.

If the day of collection of the basket is a holiday, Telelavo will collect the basket on the next working day at the same time, unless this is not possible due to lack of availability, in which case the Customer must deliver the basket to the Workshop.

If the Customer is absent at the time of delivery, he must pick up the garments at the reference workshop.

The basket and hangers must be returned by the customer to Telelavo at the next collection or as soon as possible.

If the delivery day is a holiday, Telelavo will deliver the laundry on the next working day at the same time. If the next working day is a Saturday, and the delivery schedule is not available on that day, the Customer may choose to have the laundry delivered in the time slot available on Saturday, or the working day following that Saturday within the chosen schedule, or to pick up the box directly from the Workshop.

Temporary suspension of the service: Given the characteristics of the monthly subscription service, and in order not to penalize the customer with the registration fee, Telelavo will allow a total of 4 weeks of free suspension of the service. The aim is to facilitate the suspension of the service in case the client is away from home for holidays or other causes. The period of suspension is cumulative and in no case may it exceed 4 weeks per year.


3.- Excluded garments and storage periods.

Under no circumstances will the following items be subject to the monthly subscription services: duvets, carpets, curtains, suits, jackets, party dresses, anoraks, coats, jackets, feathers, as well as suede or fur pieces, or any garment that is understood to be a delicate textile. If the customer requires individual treatment of these garments, he can contact Telelavo to consult rates.

Under no circumstances will garments that require specialized health treatment (e.g. biological remains and hospital clothing) be subject to monthly subscription services or individual treatment. If these garments are delivered to Telelavo, they will be returned untreated and isolated from the rest of the laundry.

The customer’s textile garments may be removed from the establishment, without surcharge or supplement in the price, for a maximum period of three months. After this period, the establishment may charge a fee (previously indicated to the customer in question) for wardrobe or storage. After 3 reliable proofs of disinterest, the establishment may definitively dispose of the textile.


4.- Ownership of the elements..

The ownership of the basket, box, hangers and covers, and any other element that facilitates the collection and delivery of the laundry, which are delivered to the Customer by Telelavo for the purpose of providing the service, will always belong to Telelavo, and the Customer must return these elements in accordance with these conditions, as well as when required for this purpose by Telelavo. In any case, at the end of the corresponding contract, for any reason, the Customer must return to Telelavo all the elements in its possession. 


5.- Lost items or damaged.  

Telelavo Has a liability insurance that covers any loss or damage of the textile pieces object of the present agreement, applied under the following guidelines: 

– The loss or damage of a basket, unless justified (invoice or purchase ticket) will be compensated with a maximum of three monthly payments of the contracted basket plan;

– The loss or damage of a garment will be compensated with an approximate market value, unless justified (invoice or purchase ticket).

Any claim related to this must be reported by the customer to Telelavo in a reliable way within 48 hours of the loss or damage being detected or occurring. Telelavo undertakes to take the necessary steps to resolve the matter within a maximum period of thirty days from the first communication by the Customer. In case of unsatisfactory resolution, the customer must inform Telelavo within 30 days of the next complaint actions to be taken.

Telelavo will not be responsible for any items left in pockets or other spaces in the garments. Telelavo agrees to act in good faith in returning any items that it finds, but in no event shall it be liable for such items.


6.- Rescisión del Termination of the contract.

The Customer and Telelavo may terminate this agreement, in addition to the causes that correspond in law, at any time, by sending a communication to the other party, through the contact details provided for this purpose.

In any case, as long as there has been no previous breach by the customer, Telelavo must comply with the casting service for the current month in which it urges the termination of the contract.

If the customer requests termination of the contract and does not wish Telelavo to continue the provision of the casting service for the current month, the customer is not entitled to a refund of the amount paid for the current month, unless the termination is due to a breach of contract by Telelavo.


7.- Communications between the parties.

Both parties agree that communications between them can be made through any of the contact details provided in the registration annex to this contract. In any case, communications regarding the termination of the contract and claims for loss or damage must be made in writing, either by post or by e-mail. In case of modification by either party of the contact details, it must be communicated to the other party. 

Each Telelavo business establishment is managed by a person or business entity that is autonomous and independent of the others, so that the person or entity that manages the ownership of each establishment is solely and exclusively responsible for the obligations assumed with respect to its own customers. In order to exercise any of the rights that the current legislation or the contracts between parties grant to the Customer, the latter must contact the owner of each establishment.