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The subject of the present Contract is the service provided to the Client by TELELAVO regarding a monthly laundry subscription (delivered weekly). Once a week TELELAVO will proceed to pick up the basket (which will be supplied to the Client for this purpose) either from the Client’s home or from the workshop so that TELELAVO can carry out the stain removal, washing, drying, mending and ironing of the items it contains, returning them within two business days from the moment of pick up either to the Client’s home or to the workshop (Client’s choice). All this in accordance with the terms of the present Contract.


TEELELAVO will provide the Client with a basket (size will depend on the service chosen by the Client, options detailed in a document annexed to the present Contract.)

TELELAVO will collect the basket the day of the week specified in the annex, and inside the time frame specified, either at the Workshop, or at the Client’s home, depending on the option chosen from the annex. If the Client is not at home at the pick up time, making it impossible to collect, the Client can take the basket to the workshop him or herself that same day within the workshop’s working hours. If the Client doesn’t bring in the basket on that same day, he or she forfeits the service corresponding to that week and can expect no monetary restitution.

Also if the Client asks for a change in the pick up or drop off days, the first week that this change takes place the pick up/drop off will be postponed to the new choice of day.

It is understood that by time of drop off we mean the time frame chosen by the Client from the annex to this Contract, allowing TELELAVO to proceed to the pick up at any time within it.

If the pick up day should fall on a holiday, TELELAVO will collect the basket within the same time frame the next working day, unless it shouldn’t be possible because of availability issues, in which case the Client would have to bring the basket to the workshop.

Temporary service suspension: given the features of the monthly service, and trying to avoid penalising the Client, TELELAVO will admit a free 4 week cessation period of the service. The goal is to make it easy for the Client to suspend the service if they are on holiday or out of the house for any reason. The suspension period is incremental and cannot exceed four weeks per year.


TELELAVO will remove stains, wash, dry, mend and iron the items included in the Client’s basket. Underwear and bedsheets will be machine washed but not treated to individual stain removal. Stain removal will be attempted manually but TELELAVO cannot guarantee 100% effectiveness as it depends on the type of stain.


The following items are currently not part of the laundry delivery service described in this Contract: duvets, carpets, curtains, suits, suit jackets, party dresses, anoraks, coats, overcoats, suede or fur items. If the Client requires individual treatment of any of these items, they can contact TELELAVO to check prices. Nor do we service items that are DRY CLEAN ONLY or items that require a specific sanitary treatment (hospital clothes, biological waste…). If included in the basket by the Client they will be returned untreated in a separate container.


Once the laundry service process specified in this Contract has been completed, TELELAVO will proceed to the return of the items either from the workshop or delivering them to the Client’s home (Client’s own choice) within 48 hours from the pick up time, and inside the time frame detailed in the annex of the present Contract and chosen by the Client. In any case, if the Client chooses to collect the items from the Workshop, he/she can pick them up within business hours after 48 hours have elapsed from the pick up time.

If the Client should be absent from home at the time of delivery, he or she will have to pick the items up from the Workshop.

The items will be returned in a box provided by TELELAVO, and if necessary, on hangers protected by covers.

At the moment of delivery, the Client must check that all the items given to TELELAVO to launder are accounted for, signing the delivery slip. The box and the hangers must be returned to TELELAVO with the following week’s pick up.

If the day indicated in the Annex for the box’s drop off should fall on a holiday, TELELAVO will deliver the basket in the same time frame the next working day. If the next working day should fall on a Saturday, and the selected time frame shouldn’t be available for delivery, the Client must choose between receiving the items at home at another time, receiving the items the next working day within the chosen time frame, or collecting the items from the Workshop him or herself.


Working days are Monday to Saturday, excluding Sundays and holidays, within the opening hours decided by each workshop.


Ownership of the box, basket, hangers and covers delivered to the Client by TELELAVO for the smooth running of the service will always be TELELAVO’s.

The Client must return these items as is detailed in this Contract, or whenever TELELAVO requires it. In any case, once the Contract is terminated, for any reason, the Client must return all items in his or her power belonging to TELELAVO.


The cost of the service is paid monthly, according to the option chosen by the Client and presented in the document annexed to this Contract. This will also include any offers or discounts that may apply to the Client through sales campaigns.

To subscribe to the service the Client will pay a one-time 25% charge on the value of the chosen option as a sign up fee that will cover the items given to the Client for the smooth running of the service. When signing up the Client may pay by cash or credit card. After that all payments will be made by direct debit on the Client’s account (which must be provided through the annex on the present Contract), between the 1st and the 5th of every month.

In case of non-payment TELELAVO will have the right to suspend the service. The Client will have to rectify the default within 5 working days, plus an additional 20% penalty on the unpaid fee. Unless this is done, TELELAVO can dissolve the present Contract by notifying the Client.

If the Client chooses direct debit as payment option and a bill is returned unpaid to TELELAVO, any extra charges incurred for both parties must be paid by the Client, regardless of what the previous paragraph of this Contract conveys.


If TELELAVO should fail to provide the services as reflected in the present Contract, the Client will have the right to the return of the current month’s fee, plus a 20% surcharge.

TELELAVO possesses a civil liability insurance that covers any loss or damage to the items covered within this Contract, applied under the following parameters:

-The loss or damage of a full basket, following the submission of bill of sale or receipt, will be compensated with a maximum amount corresponding to three monthly fees of the selected option.

-The loss or damage of an item will be compensated with its estimated market value, following the submission of a bill of sale or receipt.

TELELAVO doesn’t take responsibility for any objects that may remain in pockets or other areas. The company is committed to act in good faith, returning any objects it may find, but does not take responsibility for them in any case.


Both the Client and TELELAVO may terminate the present Contract, for any reason, at any time, by notifying the other party, through the use of the contact details supplied.

TELELAVO must provide the full service detailed in this Contract throughout the corresponding month, up to the moment when the Contract is terminated, unless there is a breach of Contract by the Client.

If the Client wishes to terminate the Contract immediately and doesn’t wish for the current month’s services to be completed, he or she forfeits the fee corresponding to the current month, unless this termination stems from a breach of Contract by TELELAVO.


Both parties accept that communication may occur through any channel by use of the information given in the document annexed to this Contract. Communication related to the termination of the Contract must be delivered in written form, through post or email. Any change to contact details of both parties must be notified to the other.

Every TELELAVO business establishment is administered by an independent person or business entity unrelated to the others, thus the person or entity that holds the ownership of each establishment is only responsible for the obligations undertaken  towards his/her/its own Clients. To exercise rights that the law or the Contract between parties grant the Client, he or she must direct the claim to the owner of the corresponding establishment. If the Client doesn’t have this information, the following link may be used to request the contact details of the person or entity that administers each establishment.