What is Telelavo and how it started?

Telelavo is the first artisan laundry in the world with delivery service. We are the first network of workshops that takes care of the whole process of textile hygiene, from beginning to end.

It was created to provide an optimal and complete service: home collection, washing, stain removal and disinfection of each garment, drying, reinforcement of seams, ironing and delivery in a maximum of 48 hours. Everything included in a Flat Rate that fits you.

Telelavo is quality, good, economical and ecological.

And it is for you.

Our mission

Washing at home is a thing of the past, so we want to give everyone access to a quality washing.

Artisan workshops equipped with the most advanced technology, a modern, avant-garde image and the greatest professionals to pamper your clothes.

We are sustainable

At Telelavo not only we take care of your clothes: we also take care of the environment.

We use environmentally friendly products and multi-purpose long-lasting returnable products, thus avoiding single-use plastics.

Come and see our hangers! They are 100% recycled, recyclable and biodegradable.

Handcrafted and made in Spain

We believe in circular economy and in domestic and local manufacturing.

In Telelavo we carry the “made in Spain” label. Everything is handcrafted here: every basket, hanger and delivery box.

In addition, we take care of every step of the production process in the smallest detail: every pattern, seam, cut, ironing, and each screen printing. Each element is manufactured one by one giving them an individual and personal tratment.